Britishers in Kashmir (WWI)

With the threat of War looming in Europe, Edward Fitzgerald Charlesworth volunteered to join the Territorial Army that was being raised in Britain for coastal defense. These part-time soldiers trained at weekends and under an Act of Parliament no part of this force was to ‘be carried or ordered to go out of the United […]

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Maqbool is Maqbool.

Tokhsur yelli gase shethrwen panjran Adeh hai neran saen arman Baaleh yar yelli sheen gali Adeh hai neran saen arman  When the cages will be decimated Our dreams will come to life When snow will melt from mountains Our dreams will come to life – Maqbool Bhatt (prison song) February 18 this year, Maqbool Bhat […]

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